Band Together Lineup Announced!

Well this post is going to be exactly what it says on the tin.  The schedule for Band Together (the awesome fund-raiser for Brighten a Corner that’s happening at the end of this month) has been released and I’m on at 2:30pm.  I’d suggest showing up a little early for the other musicians, the raffle, silent auction, and food that’ll be present.

This is going to be really fun no matter what, and it’s such a good cause that they’re raising money for, but it would be super cool to win it too, and I need your help to do that!  The winner is determined by votes, each person who buys a ticket gets three votes, so I need as many of you as can make it to come out and 1) support this cause and 2) vote for me!  The winner gets a chance to open for a major Christian band this Summer, how cool would that be?

To see the full lineup or get other details on the event check out the dedicated Band Together Section.  See you there,

-loren christopher radis

Let Us Cling Together

I have big news, and then I have bigger news.

First, the big news.  I’m playing in a fund-raiser/battle of the bands on April 28th called Band Together

Band Together - Fundraiser/Battle of the Bands April 28th


It’s purpose is to a) be an awesome concert/competition featuring all the most talented local musicians and b) raise money to support Brighten A Corner, a group who I happen to volunteer for that does home improvement projects for people who are facing overwhelming situations.  I can’t say enough good things about Brigthen a Corner, I’ve seen them plant a garden at a half-way house, re-model an entire home for a woman who recently lost her husband, put in ramps and other changes for a man who recently became disabled, and they do it all for free.  It’s amazing to see local businesses and people pull together to support them but the work they do isn’t free, and this fund-raiser is one way to make sure they get to keep doing good all over the central coast.

Now for the bigger news.  We’ve all heard that pictures are worth a thousand words and… I could easily use a thousand words and more to talk about this, so I’ll let a picture do the talking instead, to save you some time.

That’s right!  My wife and I are about to become a trio!  This event is taking priority over just about anything else in my life right now, I can’t even explain how excited I am for the day we get to meet our little one…

So now you know the news, thanks for reading!  Come to my Farmer’s Show, the Band Together Competition, and keep us and our baby in your prayes!  Thanks,


Wants and Needs

I want a lot of things, like many of us do. 

I want to be able to spend my days in leisure with my wife, our friends and family.  I want to never worry about money again.  I want a Great Dane.  I want to see my extended family more often.  I want to hang out with my friends more often.  I want to finish recording my new album.  I want to play a ton of shows.  I want to re-design this website.  I want to design t-shirts and stickers for sale.

I need to do a lot of things too, as all of us do.  I need to eat, drink, and provide shelter for myself and my family.  To do this I need to work at a good job.  I need to clean house, I need to shop.  I need to get my oil changed.  I need to do the laundry.  I need to finish school.

Somewhere between these two things, between the Wants and the Needs, are the things I actually get done.  I will never have everything I want and that’s fine, I don’t think I or anyone else should ever have everything they want, it’s not healthy or fair.  I get to do a great deal of things I want to, and one of those things right this moment is working on a new album.  A lot of work is already done but there’s still a lot more to do.  I’m also playing a few shows here and there, I know it’s sparse, but one only has so much time.

I hope to keep you in the loop about the recording process, I’m really excited about some of the stuff that’s going on and I hope you will be too.  Thanks for the continued support you give me by coming to shows, listening to my music online, telling your friends about my music, and just sending happy thoughts my way.  Hope you’re all having a wonderful 2012 so far, see you soon,


FREE Christmas Songs Part 3, the Finale!

This is it! My last two brand new kinda-but-not-really-folk Christmas Songs are available on the music page completely free!

I honestly believe that I’ve saved the best for last with this week’s offerings.  The songs are John Lennon’s classic “Happy Christmas (War is Over)” and an original tune (written by yours truly) called “It’s Christmas Time“.


Happy Christmas has been one of my favorite Christmas songs since I heard it, and I’ve only grown to like it more since then.  I really hope you enjoy my interpretation.  My brother once more provided the exceptional artwork, those two kids on the art are representations of two very real people, can you guess who?

As for “It’s Christmas Time“, well, it’s my first and so far only original Christmas song.  There are a lot of facets to Christmas and I’m a big fan of most of them.  I tried to let that come across in this song, I hope it conjures up memories of pleasant times for you like it does for me.

So that’s it, the entire album “It’s Christmas Time” is out there for you to download for whatever donation you feel is appropriate (remember that any and all proceeds are going to charity), share the songs with your friends and family and enjoy them this holiday season!  Remember that you can pay any amount you want, from zero to 5 to 50 dollars, and 100% of the proceeds are going to charity.  These songs are my gift to you, and thank you so much for listening.

-loren christopher radis