And Everything Was Perfect – Released Today!

The New Album is Out!

We’re celebrating the release with a concert tonight (Friday the 19th of September) at Steynberg in SLO at 7:30pm, 10 bucks gets you admission and a copy of the album.  If you can’t make it, download a copy right here –

Hope you love it :)

I’ve got lots of cool stuff to show you also, here’s a few videos we took at the same house concert his album was recorded at – - Amelia – The Runaway  – Walk You Home

I’m also in the paper!  Glen Starkey did a really cool write-up about me and the new album in this week’s New Times, check it out here –

So that’s that, I can’t wait for the show tonight, thanks everyone for your support and excitement and, just everything.  So glad to be sharing my music with such wonderful people.


It’s (Almost) Here!

This is it! Just over one week until the release of my live album, “And Everything Was Perfect”. I’m super excited and – OK, it’s honesty time – a little nervous. It’s going to be a great time and I’m really excited to share the album with all of you who have been so ardent in your support of me and my music.

Anyway, the release show’s at the Steynberg Gallery in SLO on Friday, September 19th, and it starts at 7:30! Tickets are $10 and a copy of the album is included along with your ticket purchase  :)

I’ll be playing the whole album, plus a few bonus songs you might dig, too. I’m also so jazzed that Bob Liepman (of Shadowlands) is going to be joining me on the cello – he makes magic with that instrument.

Lastly, I’m pleased to announce that even though the album’s not available until the 19th, you can pre-order a digital copy right now on my website –

Everyone who pre-orders will receive their digital download at 6am on Friday the 19th, so this is the earliest possible way to get a copy,and your pre-order comes with an immediate download of the song I wrote for my daughter, “Amelia”.

If you want a physical disc you’ll have to pick one up at the concert at Steynberg Gallery, remember, it’s included with your ticket :)

I’ll see you there,


The Year is Half Over, Which is Ridiculous

Hey Friends,

I hope you had a Happy Memorial Day!

I’ve been playing at a lot of venues that are brand new to me and they’ve all been really awesome – I especially recommend you check out Avion & Claw in Atascadero, even if it’s not a night I’m playing there!  If you have a favorite hangout that has live music and you’d like me to play there, let me know about it [ ] and I’ll see what I can do.

I’m returning to a lot of my favorite venues in the month of June, and trying out one brand new one that’s kind of a big deal, Vina Robles in Paso Robles!  Here’s the lineup, check the shows page for details.

June 3rd @ Pomar Junction – Templeton

June 5th @ SLO Farmer’s Market on Chorro Street

June 8th @ Luna Red – SLO

Jun 9th @ Bon Temps Creole Cafe – SLO

June 12 @ Shell Cafe – Pismo Beach

June 28th @ Vina Robles – Paso Robles

In other news, I can neither confirm nor deny (psst – I can confirm it!) that I’m writing new songs and hard at work on planning the release of my live album, which you guys helped me name (thanks again!)


First Concert of 2014 – Hallelujah!

Hi Friends,

Just a quick update this time, I’ve got my first real concert of the year this Friday the 7th at Creative Juices Lounge in Guadalupe from 6 to 10 pm.  I’m joining Rob Larkin and John Batdorf, my set is from 7 to 8 and there’s a $5 charge at the door.  I call this a “real” concert because I’m not providing background music for a winery party or some other event, this time the music is the event.  Creative Juices is a great new local establishment with awesome food and drinks, friendly staff, and a serious love of great live music –  if you’ve been hoping for a chance to just relax and enjoy some music, this is your chance!

Details on this show and about a dozen others can be found on the shows page –

And speaking of real concerts – here’s another video from my performance at last year’s Band Together.  This is my cover of Leonard Cohen’s classic “Hallelujah”.  I hope you enjoy it. –

And be sure to check out the rest of my videos on the youtube channel at, and subscribe if you haven’t already so that you don’t miss any of the new stuff coming down the pipe!

Thanks for reading, talk to you later,


House Concert: Engage!



This Saturday!  My first House Concert!  I’m really excited for this… and nervous, to be honest.  It should be a huge blast though, I hope you can make it!

Be sure to check out these other groups too, they all rock and I’m lucky to be sharing the stage with them :

The Honeytrees –

Hilary and Kate –


The Dirigibles

See you guys there,